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Our Team

Our forte lies in our efficient manpower, which enables us to run into the exact essentials of our customers. The experts of the team are highly eligible and have vast industrial experience. The skilled personnel of ours enables us to achieve a never-ending success in the industry. For insuring the quality work with pace and efficiency, we have categorized our qualified professionals into various squads. The categorization of the members insure that all our business actions are cautiously managed with total client satisfaction.

Mrs. Khyati S. Mehta

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Mrs. Khyati S. Mehta of 28 years works as a Company Secretary & Compliance Officer of the Company. She takes care of total Secretarial Compliance of the company and holds an overall experience 4+ years.

Mr. Kaushik Mori

Head Finance and Accounts

Mr. Kaushik Mori, who is working as a Head Finance and Accounts manager of our company takes the responsibility of Accounts Division and takes care of the Banking & overall finance. He has 19+ years of total experience in his functional orbit.

Mr. Anil Kaushik

General Manager - Marketing

Mr. Anil Kaushik, aged 48 years, is the General Manager of our company. He takes care of  the marketing division and holds 24 years of experience.

Mr. Nilesh T. Mungra

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager of the company is Mr. Nilesh T. Mungra, who is 30 years old and holds 12 years of overall experience.  

Mr. Bhavesh Gedia

Production Manager

Mr. Bhavesh Gedia works as a Production Manager of our company. He is responsible for all total production and serviceable activities of the company. He holds am experience of 17+ years.

Mr. Sameer Gadara

Quality Control Manager

Mr. Sameer Gadara is employed as the quality control manager of our company. Accountable for total Quality Check of the products made by our us, holds an experience of 6+ years.

Mr. Milan S. Akabari

Product-Despatch & Delivery Manager

Mr. Milan S. Akabari, aged 37 years, works as the Manager in Product-Dispatch & Delivery Department of the Company. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Arts from Saurashtra University and 8+ years of overall experience, he takes care of the Product-Dispatch & Delivery of the company.

Mr. Hardik H. Vaghadia

Export Manager

Mr. Hardik H. Vaghadia has been appointed as the Export Manager of our company. He has commenced global path towards Africa, Gulf and North USA. Having a MBA degree in Finance & Marketing, the person has started his career from chemical industries and afterward moved towards pipes, pumping, and cable industries.

Mr. Dharmesh H. Savaliya

HR Manager

Mr. Dharmesh H. Savaliya is elective as the HR Manager of our company. He  started his Career as a HR-Administrator and holds the expertise in the Manpower Management and Managing Human Resource.